The sweet taste of summer!

The tan lines may fade, but the memories will last forever…

The sweet (and spicy!) taste of Summer

Last week on the radio the DJ started talking about enjoying these last days of summer… The good news is you still have a full 4 weeks until Fall Equinox, but with September just around the corner and schools starting back up we know Autumn is almost upon us.  

It’s good reminder that we only have a few weeks left to savor Summer. As I sit here munching on my sweet, juicy fresh, and local peach I can’t help but stop and appreciates how delicious the summer season is.

There have not been enough tomatoes and peaches in my life so I have to make up for that in the next few weeks!

Check out some of the common foods you’ll find in the Farmer’s Market or garden this time of year. The Durham Farmer’s market provided this handy chart highlighting what is growing for us month-by-month. You’ll find a few  usual suspects such as green beans, cabbage, leafy greens and herbs on the list. Looks like there’s just a couple weeks to get my okra fix!
Remembering that we find the most nutritional value and deliciousness from foods that are grown locally (not shipped far distances) and picked ripe and ready-to-eat. In an article by Michigan State Extension you can read about “7 Benefits of Eating Local Foods.” Other than the clear environmental benefits I am a fan of #7 because it’s so handy to chat with the farmer’s to learn new fun ways to prepare their produce or try veggies I’ve been to chicken to experiment with in the past!

Food for thought:

How are you savoring summer?

The family picnics and beach trips are made sweeter with fresh sliced watermelon and there’s nothing like a warm blueberry & peach cobbler to finish off Sunday dinner.

In an effort to live mindfully, let’s take a moment this week to pause and celebrate the season.



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