When you work with a registered and licensed dietitian at Well-Balanced Nutrition you get a lot more than expert advice on what to eat. We specialize in coaching you through behavior change which goes beyond talking about what and how much. We dig a little deeper to discover and conquer whatever it is that prevents you from accomplishing your goals and having a healthy relationship with food.  ↓ Request an Appointment Below ↓

Personal Wellness Adventures are one-on-one sessions that are tailored to your needs. We like to call them wellness adventures because they are typically ongoing and interactive. An adventure is right for you if you

  • Struggle to make lasting changes on your own
  • Value having an empathetic coach to talk you through goal setting and keep you focused
  • Desire a more positive body image and relationship with food
  • Want ideas for meal planning, healthy grocery shopping tips and strategies for feeding you and your family
  • If you are just plain tired, overwhelmed and frustrated with the way you feel and ready for a change

You might want to know: where to find us, info about insurance coverage or more about us**We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and your plan may cover your visits at 100%.** 

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