Bring Well Balanced Nutrition to Your Employees

Enhance your current wellness and benefit plan with Well Balanced Nutrition. We bring our fun and interactive services onsite so that it's convenient for your employees. If you provide Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina benefits, your health plans may cover our services at 100%.

Free Wellness Presentations
1:1 Nutrition Counseling
Group Nutrition Sessions
Team Building & Retreats

If you are thinking about working with Well Balanced Nutrition, let's start with a fun and interactive presentation at your next department or professional group meeting. You can pick from the following topics:

  • Well Balanced Plate and Beyond: what does it really take to eat and live Well Balanced? 
  • Movement Matters: a fun activity break for all levels and a quick discussion on energy balance.
  • Portion Distortion: tapping into your internal cues so large portions don't get the best of you
  • TGIM! Making Mondays Awesome: An inspiring session on how to bring your best self to all you do.

These sessions are generally 20 to 30 minutes and are free of cost for Durham and Chapel Hill companies who are interested in partnering with Well Balanced Nutrition. Click here to inquire today!

Help your employees manage diabetes, heart disease, obesity and more by offering them one-on-one nutrition coaching at work. Many companies who have Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina health plans can work with us for FREE. Eligible groups or individuals have in-network nutrition counseling coverage at 100% with no set visit limits.

Well-Balanced Nutrition provides on-site Group Wellness sessions to our community partners. Typically, groups are held during the lunch hour with the goal of bringing the staff together to build a support network of health-minded people striving to live Well-Balanced. Focusing on a holistic approach connecting the mind and body experience in a friendly and safe environment.
Participants are saying: 
  • "One of the many things I love about working with Well Balanced Nutrition is my comfort level I feel during meetings. During meetings, I feel like I'm amongst friends and this allows me to be honest about my struggles without feeling judged."
  • "Our Well-Balanced group ... inspired me to think about food differently and to experiment with new foods. I feel a sense of camaraderie and support within our little group that is so meaningful that I genuinely look forward to our time together every month."
  • "I enjoy the group sessions as it gives me insight into what others struggle with and also gives me an opportunity to share my successes or failures."  

We provide interactive sessions either onsite or offsite that promote team building and healthy living. Click here for more info.