Bring Well Balanced Nutrition to Your Employees

Enhance your current wellness and benefit plan with Well Balanced Nutrition. We bring our fun and interactive services onsite so that it's convenient for your employees. We our in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and United Health which means your health plans may cover some or all of our services.

Give your employees clarity and peace of mind around thier nutrition needs by offering a fun and interactive presentation at your next department or professional group meeting.

Well Balanced Eating

With a new diet hitting the scene every few months, you might wonder...what the heck is Well Balanced eating anyway? We answer this exact question with information backed by science. Participants leave with 4 strategies they can implement TODAY to eat Well Balanced.

Other topics include:

Movement Matters

  • Includes a fun activity break for all levels and a quick discussion on energy balance.

Portion Distortion

  • We all know that portions are super sized these days. This session provides strategies, information and techniques for gaining power of portions.

TGIM! Making Mondays Awesome

  • An inspiring session on how to bring your best self to all you do.

These sessions are generally 20 to 30 minutes and are free of cost for local companies who are interested in partnering with Well Balanced Nutrition. Click here to inquire today!

We are honored to be working with the following businesses who value health and wellness.