Motivational Speaking

Are you looking for an enthusiastic, energetic, and interactive wellness presentation? You found it! 

Lucy Hayhurst, RD, LDN is a trained motivational speaker and experienced dietitian with a heart for making nutrition fun and attainable. She is the author of TGIM: Start Happy, Stay Healthy – A workbook for Making Monday Awesome!

Lucy incorporates her passion for fitness, delicious food, and playing in nature to relate to her audience.

She’s on a mission of spreading the good news of fruits and vegetables; however, we know it’s so much more than that. Lucy’s presentations – as seen below – have inspired hundreds to think about their health and wellness in a new way.

A few presentation examples include:

    1. Ditch the diet mentality – come learn Well-Balanced Way!
    2. The secret to transforming your body in 4 simple steps
    3. Choices! Retrain your brain to pick nutritious and delicious food