Kristen's Friday Favorites

Kristen’s Friday Favorites

This year Lucy and I will be sharing some of our favorite finds on the internet on alternating Fridays. This is a fun way for us to share some of the things we enjoy from recipes to funny pictures to new research articles. It’s meant to be fun and light-hearted, you’ll see our personalities shine through and we also hope you get some inspiration from the things we share. So without further ado, check out the first edition of Friday Favorites.

Favorite Winter Veggie Recipe: Honey Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts from Kevin is Cooking. I did not like Brussel sprouts until I had them roasted and this recipe adds a wonderful dressing that takes away all bitterness. You’ve got to try it – even if you don’t like Brussel sprouts! It’s a great recipe all by itself but sometimes I toss in cubed butternut squash as well!

Kristen's Friday Favorites

Favorite Emoji – I don’t use emojis much but this makes me want to! This emoji keyboard featuring odd-looking fruits and vegetables was created by Hungry Harvest to raise awareness of food waste. The fruit and veggies are imperfect like the ones that get thrown out or rejected by grocery stores causing 20% of farm fresh produce to go to waste. Hungry Harvest recovers the food that would normally go to waste and delivers it to people’s homes and offices.

 Kristen's Friday Favorites


Favorite Author: Brene Brown. She is a shame researcher who writes about wholehearted living and her books are truly life changing. I love how she is completely open and honest about her journey to wholehearted living which leaves you inspired to be brave yourself. I’ve read Daring Greatly (which is what we will be discussing at January’s nutrition/wellness book club) and Rising Strong. Now I’m starting The Gifts of Imperfection and taking one of her related online classes about parenting wholeheartedly.

Kristen's Friday Favorites Kristen's Friday Favorites Kristen's Friday Favorites Kristen's Friday Favorites


Favorite Food Pun: Happy New Year!

Kristen's Friday Favorites










Kristen's Friday Favorites



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