No Time To Plan + Cook Healthy Meals?

You aren’t alone. Healthy eating often takes a back seat to our busy lives. Chances are you’re eating out often or you’re totally stuck in a food rut and ready to get out of it.

When you have a hectic schedule, trying to plan healthy meals can be overwhelming and stressful! Where do you even start?

Plus, you don’t want to spend your valuable time searching endlessly for recipes and scrambling to figure out your grocery list. Especially when you need that time to get to the store and cook! Not to mention all the other balls your juggling.

Don’t you wish there was a variety of uncomplicated, simple and delicious recipes that you can easily cook at home right at your finger tips AND a friendly dietitian to help you tailor a meal plan to meet your needs?? NOW YOU CAN!


Introducing…the Well Balanced Meal Planning Membership!

We are pleased to roll out the Well Balanced Meal Planning Membership that includes an online planning dashboard where you can hone and master your meal planning skills, a large database of delicious (and healthy) recipes curated and tested by a fabulous culinary team, and a smart grocery list to help you spend less time in the grocery store. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.

Scroll down to choose your goal and get started.

Here's why you'll love our membership.

✅ It's a Time and Sanity Saver

There’s never been a better way to help you eat great food without agonizing about what to make. Unlike some recipes you find on the internet, every recipe suggestion we offer is thoroughly tested to ensure it's delicious, easy to make, and helps you meet your health goals. No more wasting time on finding just the right recipe, struggling through a complicated recipe or making a meal that turns out to be a flop!

✅ Makes Grocery Shopping and Prepping Easier

As you customize your plan for the week, a smart grocery list will automatically adjust. Pull up the organized grocery list on your phone and check off your items as you shop! Hooray for ease and simplicity at the grocery store! Once you have your groceries home and you are ready to prep, look for prep ahead suggestions on your recipes to stay ahead of the game.

✅ A Fun and Interactive Way to Eat Healthy and Delicious Foods

Your goal is to eat healthier, but most importantly the food should be delicious! You will love what you eat when you use our meal plans! All plans include tasty, nutritious foods, customized to fit your health goals and we enjoy working with you every step of the way!

Here's everything you'll get:

*️⃣ A meal planning dashboard that makes it easy to plan out your week

*️⃣ A week of suggested recipes with ability to add/remove recipes as needed

*️⃣ Access to a HUGE database of healthy recipes that will excite your tastebuds

*️⃣ Easy to follow directions and prep-ahead suggestions.

*️⃣ Adjustable servings so you make as much or little as you need

*️⃣ A smart and organized grocery list that is created automatically based on your selections in your dashboard.


*️⃣ A complimentary coaching call to help you set up your planning process and meet your health goals.

*️⃣ Coupons from health-focused brands.

*️⃣ When you sign up for your first month, you'll get 50% OFF our Ultimate Success Guide to Meal Planning Course that will help you create a meal planning process that sticks.


Start for free now.

First, choose your goal and the plan that will help you achieve it:

 The anti-inflammatory plan can help you lose weight and boost your mood.

  • full of foods that fight inflammation
  • low-glycemic recipes that will help stabilize blood sugar
  • great for meeting weight loss goals or maintaining a healthy weight
  • includes plenty of plant foods to promote healthy digestion
  • gluten-free.
  • similar to the MIND diet and Mediterranean diet
  • heart-healthy

Not sure which plan is right for you? We can help! Reach out today.

Don't worry, if you try a plan and it doesn't seem right, we can help you switch between plans.

Also, there is no credit card required or sleazy tricks up our sleeves when you sign up for the free 3-day trial. It's silly not to try it out! Get started today!