3 Steps to boost your willpower

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘If only I had more willpower, then I could be healthy and lose weight?’

If so, you’re not alone. At Well Balanced Nutrition, Kristen and I talk to many people who assume they are weak and that’s why they haven’t been able to stop going to Chick-fil-A after work or eat just one handful of mixed nuts… instead of half the container.

To better understand willpower, we need to start with the understanding that willpower is an unreliable resource affected by the number of decisions we’ve made, temptations we face, and even the mood we are in. We explain willpower as a tank. It’s dependent on the quality of fuel we put in and how we are driving – in other words, our lifestyle choices and eating habits. Maintaining steady blood-glucose levels by eating regular healthy meals and snacks, may help prevent the effects of willpower depletion.

For instance, if someone arrives to work without eating breakfast and finds themselves at a meeting with free biscuits they are more likely to grab the free food. On the flip side, another coworker who routinely eats a Well-Balanced breakfast consisting of an egg sandwich and an apple is less likely to feel tempted by the same biscuits.

We can keep the willpower tank full by:

  1. Setting up cruise control: creating healthy attainable habits and not relying on willpower alone to achieve your goals.
  2. Selecting high-quality fuel: including a positive self-image and attitude, as well as, incorporating good nutrition.
  3. Avoiding rough roads that use more fuel: avoiding temptation when possible and putting strategies in place that help you manage the situation when temptation might arise.

Food for thought:

Sometimes willpower is the tool you need in the moment. More often, we need to find other ways to make healthy choices. Are you relying too much on willpower? Take this quiz to find out where you stand with willpower and get additional strategies for making the healthier choice more often.

For additional support and personalized wellness plans, please contact us or email Lucy@wellbalancednutrition.com.



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